Founder Profile

Richard A. Flasck’s professional career spans almost fifty years of high tech product development, intellectual property (IP) issues, patent prosecution, trade secret programs, and licensing.

Richard Flasck

Mr. Flasck founded RAF Electronics Corp. in 1989. He is the CEO and controlling shareholder. The primary activity of RAF has been the development of advanced optical products and technology. Mr. Flasck has been involved in designing, prototyping, and manufacturing of all major system components: displays, color management prisms, condenser and projection lenses, interface electronics, liquid crystal materials, light sources and nonimaging optics. The depth of his experience extends from corporate management to hands-on lab work.

In his early career, Mr. Flasck developed, managed, and licensed several high tech products, including thin film photovoltaics, ablative imaging films, phase change memories, multi-chip modules, and superconducting materials. In 1982 he relocated to the West Coast to become the founder and CEO of Alphasil, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based company which had the distinction of establishing the world’s first amorphous silicon, thin film transistor (TFT), active matrix LCD pilot production line. He has also served as a corporate officer at Alien Technology Corporation, and Diablo Optics, Inc., and as a board member at Somanetics, Inc., a Michigan corporation involved in optics-based, cutting edge diagnostic medical equipment.

Mr. Flasck holds an MS in Physics, has over 24 published papers and presentations, and over 24 issued patents.

He is a long time member of IEEE, SID, AES, OSA, and SPIE

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